Here’s what your multichannel Ecommerce platform must have

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Here’s what your multichannel Ecommerce platform must have

Multichannel Ecommerce platforms have opened new doors in the world of online shopping. While previously customers were limited to one channel, the fact that merchants are now using the best multichannel platforms 2019 has to offer means that now users can access a brand on multiple channels.

As a business, there are various benefits of using a multichannel Ecommerce platform. For starters, the more channels you use to market and sell your product, the more reach you will have. This will translate to broader coverage than before and hence high sales turnover.

Choosing a multichannel Ecommerce platform is no easy task. It is advised that you conduct an Ecommerce platform comparison among the best Ecommerce platforms to decide which of the many platforms to choose.

Regardless of which Ecommerce platform you decide to base your store on, here are factors that your multichannel Ecommerce must have to succeed in today’s world.

A plethora of sales channel

It comes as no surprise that the best multichannel platform is one which offers a wide range of channels. After all, the goal of every business is to reach maximum customers. So, a platform that allows you to integrate with multiple sales channels will undoubtedly be the best choice.

Make sure that the platform you select has a presence on a large marketplace like Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, and eBay.

Swift customer support

Just like you must deliver quality customer support to your target audience, as a user of multichannel platforms, you need the same features. After all, the last thing you need is for your Ecommerce store to crash and have no one to complain to.

The process of setting up your online store is marked by complexities. There are things that can go wrong along the way. Lags that can occur and crashes that might happen. Throughout it all, you will need reliable and fast customer support. Ensure that the platform you select has a robust customer support system. They must be accessible via call or Email 24/7 and must be proactive in solving problems.

Effective data management

Data analytics and micro marketing are shaping up the businesses of the future. Ecommerce allows companies to tailor their offerings and deliver personalized discounts to their customers. How? Through the use of customer data!

To effectively use customer data, you need a platform that manages it all for you impeccably. Not all Ecommerce platforms offer this solution. You must select one who does. This will guarantee a high customer retention ratio.

Shopify: The answer

One multichannel Ecommerce platform that has succeeded in delivering all the mentioned factors is Shopify. It has over 20 sales channels which include some of the world’s largest marketplace. Whether it be inventory management, order fulfillment or customer support, the platform has managed to deliver it all. Moreover, the platform is tailored for both B2C and B2b businesses.


Invest in a quality multichannel Ecommerce software. Watch as your sales reach new heights.

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